iPrint Compact

iPrint Compact : Compact and Performant

The smallest single engine 2up duplex printer in its class

< 10m²
Weight < 3.5 tons
Length < 3.6 meters
Print width : 474mm (2 A4 UP)
iPrint Compact fits perfectly in document production centers or service bureau environments.

Based on a piezo electric DOD inkjet technology, iPrint Compact performs with :

  • Printing speed : from 40 to 127 m/min
  • 3 printing resolutions : 1200, 600 and 360 dpi
  • water based inks (pigment or dye)

iPrint Compact is also compatible with Implika HD inks (new generation of High Density inks) enabling the use of uncoated low cost papers with unrivaled print quality.

Cost efficient
iPrint Compact produces document volumes between 2 to 10 million A4 per month with the ability to absorb daily production peaks of over 1 million A4 sides.

Variable data
iPrint Compact prints full variable data in color or monochrome with dedicated Impika APF/IPDS iController.

Eco friendly
iPrint Compact runs with low energy consumption, uses optimized consumables and is compliant with RoHS guidelines.

iPrint Compact accelerates your ROI with highly competitive print costs per page

iPrint Compact

iPrint Compact Markets

A cost effective and durable platform for :

  • transpromo
  • transactional
  • direct mail
  • book publishing