iPrint eVolution

iPrint eVolution : combines scalability with durability

The most flexible continuous feed production printer in its class

In order to answer to evolving customer requirements our product development strategy focuses on scalability. With iPrint eVolution we pushed all the limits of scalability to follow your needs and grant a lasting investment.

A unique technological roadmap
Based on a piezo electric DOD inkjet technology platform already acknowledged by the market, iPrint eVolution is built with a chassis designed to accommodate up to 4 print heads.

Our customers acquire at first iPrint eVolution in standard version with:

  • 2 print heads and printing at a speed ranging from 40 to 125m/min with 3 print resolutions from 360 to 1200dpi

Once the customer wants to increase his output, he can add:

  • 2 more print heads to print at a speed ranging from 75 up to 250m/min with 5 print resolutions (from 360 up to 1200 dpi  including a new exclusive 600x600 dpi 4 levels resolution and Offset Class resolution 1200X1200dpi) benefiting thus from the largest range of print quality among industrial inkjet printers at highly competitive print cost.

All upgrade operations are performed at the customer site without significant job processing interruption.

Variable data
iPrint eVolution prints full variable data in color or monochrome with dedicated Impika APF/IPDS iController.

Eco friendly
iPrint eVolution runs runs with low energy consumption, uses optimized consumables and is compliant with RoHS guidelines.

iPrint eVolution is an effective and sustainable investment thanks to unique scalability


iPrint eVolution

iPrint Evolution Markets

With a highly competitive cost per page, this printer is suitable for :

  • direct marketing
  • transpromo
  • transactional
  • newspaper
  • book publishing