iPrint eXtreme

iPrint eXtreme : the new dimension of inkjet

The fastest continuous feed production printer in its class

iPrint eXtreme bridges the gap between traditional and digital printing with exceptional combination of  new printing width, speed and quality with Impika modularity.

New dimension
- 711 mm printing width
- all paper sizes up to the B1 format (707x1000mm) including formats for newspapers production (broadsheet, tabloid and berliner), and book publication.

Very High Speed
- up to 375 m/min in full color and even higher in monochrome
- up to 8000 copies of a 40 pages tabloid per hour
- or 45,000 format B2 pages per hour
- or 22,500 format B1 pages per hour

Very High Quality
- multiple resolutions: 360x600 dpi, 600x600 dpi,  
- new VHQ (Very High Quality) mode,
- exclusive 600x600 dpi mode with 4 greyscale levels
- "Offset quality" mode with 1200x1200 dpi native resolution

Variable data
iPrint eXtreme prints full variable data in color or monochrome with dedicated Impika APF/IPDS iController.

Eco friendly
iPrint eXtreme runs with low energy consumption, uses optimized consumables and is compliant with RoHS guidelines.

iPrint eXtreme offers today the digital print standards of tomorrow

iPrint eXtreme

iPrint eXtreme Markets

The iPrint eXtreme is the only solution able to address this scope of markets :

  • newspaper
  • direct mail
  • book publishing
  • graphic arts